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Fellowship Kids

When you first arrive in our 2nd- 5th grade Fellowship Kids building, you will be greeted by our smiling pastors and staff in green shirts.
You will immediately notice that the room is designed with the active Elementary school kid in mind. The center is specifically built for this age group and houses a number of different elements that are open for students to play on before & after service. The elements that are available to your kids include: two foam pits, a zipline, a ropes course, and various organized games. When a child arrives early, they will interact with these elements as well as our staff of volunteers and pastors.


It is our goal in Fellowship Kids to connect the 2nd-5th grade with a personal relationship with Jesus and to together grow in our faith and devotion to Him. We understand that Elementary kids need highly interactive lessons and a ton of action to focus and retain what they are learning. The Fellowship Kids service itself runs simultaneously to our adult services in the main worship center. During service, the kids will have the opportunity to play games involving Bible stories and a memory verse. 
Each morning they learn a “Big Idea” that reinforces the main lesson of the day, as well as engage in a time of worship. Our Fellowship Kids Pastoral staff writes messages specific for this age  group and works hard to help them apply the principles to their day-to-day life and struggles. After leaving Fellowship Kids, kids tend to tell their parents all about the fun they had. They may tell stories of watching a pastor get slimed or a leader being pied in the face. But if you press your child further they will be able to relay the Bible story and the memorable “Big Idea” for the day. 

All children's classes are available during weekend service times.