Imagine if American Ninja Warrior made a kids playground inside a Church...

Fellowship Kids is a facility specifically designed for 2nd-5th graders.
Each weekend your child can be a part of an exciting and active environment filled with songs, games, and dramas, and messages that teach Godly values at an age-appropriate level. So while you are experiencing the creative, life-changing worship of Fellowship Church, your children are experiencing it as well! Each month focuses on one individual Bible character and teaches the story of that person's life in bite size pieces.  

The Elementary-aged children also learn how to apply the lesson of that story or character to their everyday life. Each month also includes a focus on one important memory verse from the Bible. Of course, your child will likely come home and tell you all about the fun they had as the boys competed against the girls, or how awesome it was when the children voted which pastor to slime, but rest assured we are sneaking in all kinds of important Bible Lessons and truths. We just package it in a super fun way that engages your children!

Fellowship Kids is located in the west building and is open during all weekend service times.