Nursery - 1st Grade

The Fellowship Kids Nursery is a loving, peaceful environment designed to care for and nurture children, infants through walkers. Because children develop differently, the Fellowship Kids Nursery is divided into developmental stages rather than age groups. We have an Infant room, a Crawlers room, and a Walkers room, and each environment is designed to meet your child’s needs. We recommend parents bring a diaper bag and bottle, both labeled with your child's name. Please feel welcome to bring any comfort items your child might have, such as a blanket or favorite toy. You will also want to bring a change of clothes for your child in case it is needed.

For our pre-school classrooms, we use a curriculum based out of LifeChurch in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We have seen incredible results with our childrens' retention using this curriculum. The order of service includes: playtime, clean up, "prop talk," video lesson, story time, and a small group time. The teaching video is an interactive video (the classroom teacher interacts with the characters on the video) that teaches valuable lessons with a Bible story, a memory verse, and worship songs that correlate to the Bible story. These lessons are specifically designed for children ages 2 through 5. There are portions of the curriculum that remain the same throughout the month, while other portions change week by week. Research shows this balance of repetition and change are extremely effective in teaching children in this age bracket. 
Click here to access all of the free Pre-School resources we use from LifeChurch.

Kindergarten - 1st Grade
Our Kindergarten through 1st grade curriculum is specifically designed for children aged 6-10, and is also from LifeChurch. Similar to the Pre-School programming, it uses stories from the Bible to help reach young Elementary kids. Each week the Kindergarten through First Grade class has a completely new Bible lesson that corresponds to the monthly topic. They learn a different memory verse every week, and have their own time for worship. They will also enjoy an "icebreaker" game, a memory verse game, and a review game to reiterate the valuable lesson they were taught.

Click here to access all of the free Kindergarten - 1st Grade resources we use from LifeChurch.

Our security process is the same throughout all of our classrooms, nursery to 1st grade. You will sign your child in on a roster with a few questions, including child’s name, parent’s name, where you can be found, if you are a visitor, and if there are any food allergies. You will then receive a paper wristband with your child’s number on it that will be used for checking your child out of the classroom and in case of an emergency. Your child will receive a name tag with his/her name and the corresponding number. When you come back to check your child out of the classroom, please have your wristband on your arm for the teacher to match up your number with your child’s number. The teacher will cut off your wristband and take the child’s name tag off. Only the parent with the wristband can check the child out of the classroom. This is very important and for the safety and protection of the child. No one will be allowed to take a child out of the classroom without a wristband. In case we need you for any reason, your child’s number will pop up on the right hand corner of the side screens in the auditorium. Someone will meet you in the lobby and explain what is going on.

All children's classes are available during weekend service times.