4640 Student Center

When you step up to serve God as a volunteer in your church, you have certain responsibilities. You aren’t expected to suddenly be perfect, but the Bible does say we would strive to be examples in faith, actions and choices. Young people are drawn to those who are consistent and authentic: People who are trying to become better Christians all the time and who will admit their weaknesses and doubts.  To serve in 4640 we ask that you are making a clear effort to get closer to Christ -- not that you have already arrived as the perfect Christians.  

Here are some of examples of things that we would be looking for in a volunteer:

  • Someone who has a personal relationship with Jesus

  • Someone who is willing to show up every week

  • Someone who can make at minimum a 6 month commitment to serving

  • Someone who will complete the Volunteer Application and will pass the background check (checking for felony offenses or any violence against a woman or child)

  • Someone willing to be at their assigned position at 6pm on the service day.

  • Someone who will notify their team leader or the 4640 staff in advance if they know they will be absent so we can have a replacement for them for that week

  • Someone interested in talking to and learning about the lives of the students they meet

  • Someone who will pray for and also learn to pray with the students face to face

  • Someone who will be willing to go outside of their comfort zone to minister to a student

  • Someone who is willing to be an example during worship time (Matthew 15: 21-28)

  • Someone who will listen and also help those around them to listen during the sermon time

  • Someone who is willing to sit among the students during the service and during Sunday services whenever possible

  • Someone who will attend the Sunday morning service regularly (Hebrews 10: 24-25)

  • Someone who will set an example in following the Bible’s lifestyle (sexual purity, reading the Bible, giving, working on their family relationships etc)