Transformation Ministry

Transformation Ministry provides spiritual warfare on many levels for individuals, corporately as a body, and regionally for the restoration, healing, and redemption of the world. We teach you about the reality of demonic oppression and demonization, the nature of man, the strategy of the enemy against you, the nature of God, and your authority as a believer.
The deliverance and restoration process focuses on discipleship, through book and CD resources (semester classes available in the fall and spring), reframing your perspective of God and man (you), dealing with your past, learning to manage your present circumstances, and move toward your future with hope, confidence, peace, and faith in the plan that God has for you as an individual.
This ministry is currently available to members who have been attending Fellowship Church for more than 6 months. Due to the volume of participants, we are only able to minister to those who call Fellowship Church home.

If you are interested in spiritual warfare you can expect the team to come along side of you and help you make the connection from where you are at right now to where you are going. We will help you by providing a new perspective on your situation.

What you can expect:
 • Ministry application
 • Spiritual Warfare (class or curriculum available in bookstore for $45)
 • Attend Sunday morning group between services (prayer, discipleship, community) (30 minutes) continue to attend through process
 • Fully complete “Break Free" worksheet (found in Spiritual Warfare workbook in bookstore)
 • Deliverance session (1 ½ to 3 hours)
 • Additional deliverance sessions or continued coaching sessions for restoration
 • Church-wide discipleship (small groups, classes, etc.)

The Transformation Ministry is trained to train you. The very nature of spiritual warfare is to learn to do it yourself. You must learn to go into battle, suited up in armor, equipped to stand against the fight, and take back ground from the enemy in your mind, will, emotions, your home, your neighborhood, and our city.
Spiritual warfare is personal and you must change your perspective of it from desiring a change to chasing after whatever methods and means possible to not just receive change but be that change. It is your right and your responsibility to learn the tools and authority that you have as a child of God to see victory in your life over every area.
 You are meant to live the abundant life!
 The definition of abundant is this: “present in  great quantity; more than adequate;
 over-sufficient: an abundant supply of water.”
 You are not meant to just get by or have enough  but you are meant to have more than enough in  every area of your life. If you are not getting by,  or barely have enough in your relationships,  creativity, emotional health, favor, influence and many other areas, it is your right to chase after God’s will and freedom for your life.
Spiritual warfare is not about seeing a demon behind everything, but managing the resources that God has given you; you will learn to discover what a demonic strategy is, what your responsibility is, what is coming against you, and stopping all the areas of attack in your life.
By learning to effectively identify what is your responsibility and therefore not demonic, you are equipped to better manage your own life. Let the Transformation Ministry team equip you for success in every area of your life. This will take time, but commit yourself to a new paradigm for your life and move forward in an intimate, humble, and obedient life of faith and discover full freedom, peace and hope in Christ.
Download a Transformation Ministry application